Bacchanalian Days - Vintage Ancient Revival 10K Gold Garnet Ring (VR506)

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Bacchanalian Days - Vintage Ancient Revival 10K Gold Garnet Ring.  This wonderful ring is crafted in 10K gold, hallmarked with a faint 10K, and tested.  Featuring a natural round cut garnet, an ancient inspired design, and quality gold-work.   The central portion of this ring boasts an expertly bezel set vibrant red wine garnet, flanked with fantastic gold-nugget detailing.  The shoulders are a cathedral design and the band is substantial and wide.  This unique Vintage ring would make a very special gift for that special someone or addition to any fine jewelry collection.

History: Bacchanalian is a Roman festival of Bacchus celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry.

The history of garnet dates back to the Bronze Age, more than 5000 years ago. ... Its name, which has been used since these ancient times, was derived from the Latin word granatium, which means pomegranate (because the small, red crystals were thought to resemble pomegranate seeds).

Gold was first discovered as shining, yellow nuggets. “Gold is where you find it,” so the saying goes, and gold was first discovered in its natural state, in streams all over the world. No doubt it was the first metal known to early hominids. Gold became a part of every human culture.


Measurements: Face of the Ring : 17.00 mm x 5.00 mm 

Stone Size: Garnet .30 carats 

Weight: 3.13 grams 

Ring Size: 7 1/2 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America 

Date: Circa 1980

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