Trinity Knot - Vintage Signed 'Coro' Gold Plated Pearl & Rhinestone Crystal Brooch (VBR194)

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Trinity Knot - Vintage Signed 'Coro' Gold Plated Pearl & Rhinestone Crystal Brooch. This lovely brooch is crafted from gold plate over metal, signed Coro.  Featuring simulated pearls, round cut rhinestone crystals, vintage styling, and quality craftsmanship. This pretty brooch is made in the form of a trinity knot, which is adorned with white pearls and clear sparkling crystal rhinestones. There is a pin at the back of the brooch, with a secure lock mechanism, in perfect working order. This vintage brooch is in wonderful condition, and looks stunning when worn. Truly a gift of love! 

History: Trinity Knot - A symbol of never ending love & eternal life In later centuries, The Trinity knot was adapted to Christianity, with the three points representing the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The first modern method of making imitation pearls was patented by Jacquin of France in 1686, according to Marie-Jose and Howard Opper writing in BEADS: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers.

Centuries ago, quartz pebbles with a high lead content were found sparkling on the banks of Europe's Rhine River. These beautiful, natural stones were highly coveted and were eventually depleted, inspiring jewelers to create an imitation, aptly named the "rhinestone."

History: In 1901, Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger established the accessories boutique Cohn and Rosenberger in New York City, which was later shortened to Coro. In 1929, Coro purchased a manufacturing facility in Providence, Rhode Island, which would later become the world's largest costume jewelry facility.

These Pre-Columbian smiths used alloys of copper with gold and silver known as tumbaga. However, it wasn't until 1805 that Italian chemist Luigi Brugnatelli invented electroplating.


Measurements: Brooch 47.00 mm x 45.00 mm 

Stone Size: Pearl 4.00 mm     Rhinestone 4.00 mm 

Weight: 21.60 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America, Rhode Island 

Date: Circa 1950

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