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A Celt's Currency - Ancient Celtic 5th-1st Century B.C. Bronze Pendant. This wonderful artifact is crafted from bronze, featuring ancient bronze work, a very interesting history, and an amazing bronze patina. The fantastic artifact is simple and beautiful, a solid ring which was once used by the Celtics as currency. It has a gorgeous aged, much desired green patina, it is smooth with a very nice sheen to the metal. The money ring feel smooth to the touch, and is substantial in size and weight. Not only is it a fascinating artifact, but when worn on a leather cord, in its own right, it is very stylish in a modernistic way,  The cord is soft and subtle so it protects the precious piece. The cord is black leather, adjustable and features a secure lobster claw clasp. Truly this piece would make a unique gift or addition to any early collection. 

Note: Oppidum is a large fortified Iron Age settlement. Oppida are associated with the Celtic late La Tène culture, emerging during the 2nd and 1st centuries BC, spread across Europe, stretching from Britain and Iberia in the west to the edge of the Hungarian plain in the east. 

Around 3000 BC, the manufacture of bronze spread from the early Mesopotamian cities to Persia where it was commonly used to create weapons, ornaments and fittings for chariots. One of the earliest well dated bronze objects, a knife, was found in the Gansu province of China which had been cast in a mold.


Measurements: Diameter (outside) 23.00 mm  x 22.50 mm   Cord (adjustable) from 17" - 19"  Extender available upon request. 

Weight: 6.90 grams 

Condition: Excellent  Note: Very fine state of preservation. Artifacts should be treated as a luxury item. Can be worn with care. 

Origin: France   Provenance: France   Note: Recently excavated from a side of a cliff at an Oppidum site from a valley between Ampus and Chateaudouble

Date: 5th-1st Century B.C.

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