All In White - Art Deco Platinum Diamond Engagement & Wedding Band Set (ADR196)

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All In White - Art Deco Platinum Diamond Engagement & Wedding Band Set.  This wonderful wedding set is crafted from platinum, hallmarked platinum.   Featuring a natural Old European cut diamond, 6 natural single cut diamonds, 5 natural round brilliant cut diamonds,  Art Deco Styling, and quality craftsmanship. This Art Deco era set is some kind of wonderful, the engagement ring houses a beautiful antique cut glowing diamond, flanked by 3 sparkling diamond on each side.  The matching wedding band sits perfectly with the engagement ring. The band is expertly set with 5 sparkling diamonds, which enhances the engagement ring, however does not take away from it.  Both rings exhibit exquisite engraved decoration down the shoulders of the bands.  The shanks are solid, however not too wide, allowing for a comfortable fit.  This stunning Art Deco wedding set looks stunning when worn, a true heirloom set to be cherished and enjoyed for many years to come. 

Note: Appraisal included with the ring.  This contemporary appraisal does not reflect the antique value. Comments: Wonderful Old European Cut diamond and beautiful pierced work.  Very fine workmanship. 

Diamond History The earliest diamonds were found in India in 4th century BC, although the youngest of these deposits were formed 900 million years ago. A majority of these early stones were transported along the network of trade routes that connected India and China, commonly known as the Silk Road.

History : Holding a piece of jewelry that contains an antique diamond feels like you’re handling ancient treasure. And for good reason! While modern diamonds are mined and cut by the millions each year, a limited number of Old Mine and Old European Cut diamonds exist in the market today.

These precursors to our modern day round brilliant cuts offer a distinct visual experience from the way their hand cut facets play with light. The facets are wider and more geometric, resulting in pops of sparkle instead of the disco ball dazzle we see in modern diamonds. They’re perfectly imperfect, and that’s what gives them their charm.

In 1953, GIA formally created its diamond grading system, known as the 4 C's. The 4 Cs of diamond quality are the universally recognized diamond grading system still to be used today.  1n 1955, GIA presented its first diamond grading reports, which became the hallmark of grading reports in the diamond industry. Before this time in antiquity clients did not care about diamond grading. It was based more so on the size of the diamonds (according to budget) , style, and sentiment.  This set is a wonderful example of the Art Deco era, just beautiful! 


Measurements: Face of Ring (engagement ring) 13.50 mm x 7.00 mm  Face of the Wedding Band 12.00 mm x 3.50 mm 

Stone Size: Diamond (Old European Cut) .33 carats   Diamond (side) ..09 carats  Diamond (wedding band) .06 carats 

Weight: 5.00 grams 

Ring Size: 6 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America 

Date: Circa 1920

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