Amethyst Royal - Victorian 14K Gold Amethyst Granule & Scroll Brooch (VICBR003)

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Item Number:  VICBR003

Amethyst Royale - Victorian 14K Gold Amethyst Granule & Scroll Brooch. This fantastic Victorian brooch is crafted from 14K gold, tested and confirmed.  Featuring a natural squared/oval cut faceted amethyst, Victorian era styling, and masterful craftsmanship. The expertly bezel set amethyst has a beautiful intense purple color, displaying purplish/violet hues. The stunning gemstone has depth and sparkles beautifully in different light intensities. The amethyst is surrounded by a sea of delicate scrolls, granule work (a characteristic seen in antiquities and high end Georgian and Victorian jewelry), flowers, and a seashell decoration. The brooch has it's original hinged pin and a secure hook closure. This Breathtaking Victorian era piece is so special, truly a perfect gift or addition to any fine jewelry collection. 

Note: Professional appraisal included with the brooch. Appraised at $1525.00 (Tax Excluded)  Contemporary appraisals do not reflect the antique value of a piece. 

History: Ancient Greeks and Romans believed this gemstone could ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus and keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. English regalia were decorated with amethysts during the Middle Ages to symbolize royalty. Amethyst jewelry has been found and dated as early as 2000 BC.

Gold was generally used for a couple thousand years solely to create things such as jewelry and idols for worship. This was until around 1500 BC when the ancient empire of Egypt, which benefited greatly from its gold-bearing region, Nubia, made gold the first official medium of exchange for international trade.

In the history of the United Kingdom and the British Empire, the Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria's reign, from 20 June 1837 until her death on 22 January 1901. Slightly different definitions are sometimes used. 



Measurements : Brooch 28.00 mm x 25.00 mm 

Stone Size: Amethyst  8.00 Carat 

Weight: 6.60 grams 

Condition: Excellent considering age.     Note: Some granule loss throughout, which is not very noticeable to the eye. Seen under magnification. Completely acceptable considering the age and delicate decoration of the piece. 

Origin: England 

Date: Circa 1840

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