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Amor Est Vitae Essentia - Medieval 12th - 15th Century Bronze Wedding Ring. This ring is crafted from bronze, featuring a simple ancient design , that is still used in contemporary jewelry.  The band is polished and smooth, which allows the ring to be comfortable to the wearer. It has a deep aged bronze patina throughout the entire band.  Truly a special early ring to be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come. 

Note: Amor Est Vitae Essentia - Means Love is the essence of life in Latin. 


Measurements: 4mm width 

Weight: 1.9 grams 

Ring Size: 8 1/2 

Condition: Excellent   Note: Artifacts should be treated as a luxury item. Can be worn with care. 

Origin: Latvia 

Date: 12th -15th Century 

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