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Amulet Of Scarcity -  Rare Ancient Viking 8th-11th Century Silver Thor's Hammer Runes Pendant. This amazing pendant is crafted from silver, featuring an ancient Viking design, ancient runic symbols and wonderful silver work.  This Rare Thor's hammer is one of the best pieces I have ever had the privilege to present to my collectors.  Silver Thor's hammers are hard to come by, however this piece has it all, it is substantial in size with magnificent solar sun motifs and ancient Runic writing on the bottom of the hammer.  The wonderful artifact also displays a beautiful aged patina.  The bale is solid and substantial and in order to protect the intregity of the museum quality hammer I have matched up a black leatherette adjust cord.  This extremely rare specimen is a piece to be treasured and enjoyed for many years to come.

Note: Runes or Runic Symbols are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets, which were used to write various Germanic languages before the Latin alphabet. 


Measurements:  Thor's Hammer Pendant  57mm x 25mm     Cord 18"  with a 3 1/2" adjustable extender. 17" -  21.5" Total 

Weight: 14.20 grams 

Condition: Excellent    Note: Artifacts are luxury items. Can be worn with care.  It is recommended that the Thor's hammer is not polished or cleaned with chemicals. Only use a small drop of mild dish detergent (Ivory Soap) diluted with water.  Do not soak the pendant (just dip)  Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. The pendant should be the first thing off at night and last thing on in the morning ( Treat the same way as you would pearls) . Do not spray colognes directly on the piece. 

Origin: Scandinavia            Provenance: England : Private European Collector 

Date: 8th-11th Century

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