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Ancient 11th-12th century Viking bronze & enamel necklace.  This wonderful necklace is crafted from bronze, featuring beautiful enamel work and design.  There are two artifacts presented on this gorgeous necklace, the larger piece being a cross with enamelling on both sides, the enamel work is very striking with the pale canary yellow and cobalt blue. The back of the cross has the same enamel colouring, however it is reserved. The smaller cross is from the same time period, with pale canary yellow colouring, an amazing match to the larger cross. The smaller cross is believed to be a child's cross because of the smaller size and scale.  Absolutely wonderful, and what a find to have both of these very well matched artifacts in one necklace, the outcome of pairing the two pieces together is striking and so very rare and special.  Stunning when worn, this necklace would make a perfect and unique gift or addition to any early collection. 


Measurements:  Necklace (wearable length) 17"  Drop 3 3/4 "   Total length 

Weight: 15.6 grams 

Condition: Excellent   Note: Enamel work in very fine state of preservation.   Note: Can be worn with care.  Artifacts should be treated as a luxury item. 

Origin: Russia/Ukraine 

Date: 11th-12th Century

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