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Ancient Roman 307 - 337 AD Constantine I The Great Bronze Coin.  This wonderful artifact is crafted from bronze.  Featuring a cuirassed bust on one side of the coin and a Laurel wreath on the reverse side of the coin.  The authentic coin has been dated between 307 - 337 AD. Truly a perfect gift or wonderful piece of history for any antiquity collection. 

Note: Cuirass is a piece of amour, formed of a single or multiple pieces of metal or other material. 

The laurel wreath symbol traces back to Greek mythology. In Rome they were symbols of martial victory, crowning a successful commander during his triumph. 


Measurements: 20mm x 18mm 

Weight: 2.30 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Rome    Provenance: Austria 

Date: 307 - 337 AD

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