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Ari - Ancient Viking 8th-11th Century Bronze Eagle Amulet Pendant.  This amazing artifact is crafted from bronze. Featuring a Viking design, and quality bronze-work. This open-worked pendant has a wonderful shape, simulating an eagle. The patina on this piece is fantastic, an aged deep bronze and green patina with traces of gold. Most likely this piece would have been gilded in gold originally. The amulet has been matched up to a contemporary bronze chain, loops and a bale in order to protect the precious pendant. This authentic unique pendant would make a perfect gift or addition to any early antiquity collection. 

Note: Ari means eagle in Old Norse language. The Eagle is the universal emblem of the gods of the sky.  The cosmic eagle is a symbol of the highest aspirations of the spirit and its triumph over  the physical nature. This is why the eagle is so often depicted in combat with serpents or bulls, creatures who symbolize desire or evil. 


Measurements: Eagle 52mm x 29mm 

Weight: 11.30 grams 

Condition: Excellent   Note: Artifacts are luxury items. Can be worn with care.  Pendant should be left in its original state. To clean use a damp soft cloth (not saturated).  Water and a very mild detergent (one drop) works well ( no not insert pendant in water) just wipe gently.  Pat dry with soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or jewelry cleaners. The patina is so beautiful that it is recommended that the integrity of the piece is kept original. 

Origin: England 

Date: 8th-11th Century

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