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Apollonia Pontika - Ancient Greek 450 B.C. Silver Gorgoneion Anchor Coin.  This wonderful coin is crafted out of silver.  This amazing ancient coin, has an anchor and crayfish on the one side and a face on the other side. The coin has a beautiful aged rich silver patina and well defined designs.  It is small in size, however quite solid, and not thin.  The coin would make wonderful unique gift or addition to any early coin or ancient collection.   

Note: Apollonia Pontika was founded in 610 BC by Ionian Greeks from Miletus and named after Apollo. A 30 foot high 13 ton bronze statue of Apollo by the sculptor Kalamis guarded the harbour. When Romans legions under Marcus Lucullus sacked Apollonia in 72 BC the state was taken to Rome but lost in antiquity. The city was renamed Sozopol (Salvation) in the 4th century AD when it accepted Christianity and still exists in Bulgaria, a hamlet of 4500 people with a yearly "Apollonia" festival.  

The usual Apollonia Pontika coins encountered are the gorgon type drachm and the  facing head diabol.  The diabol type is described by some as facing Apollo and by others as gorgon.  This particular coin is described as "Gorgon". 


Measurements:  13mm 

Weight: 2.50 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Greece    Provenance: Austria 

Date: 450 BC

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