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Baroque Opulence-  Georgian 14K Gold & Silver Rose Cut Diamond Hand-Wrought Filigree Heart pendant & Chain. This beautiful pendant is hand wrought from 14K gold and 900 silver( tested). Featuring one natural rose cut heart diamond, 39 natural rose cut and table cut diamonds, Georgian Baroque styling, and high quality craftsmanship. The early piece is adorned throughout the piece with a sea of glowing diamonds set in  handmade silver settings. The pendant is handmade filigree work and has handcrafted cusps of openwork silver forming three rows outlining a heart or shield shape. This lacy framework is symmetrically set with table-cut diamonds in tiny star shaped mountings as well as larger custom fitted teardrop mountings which point downward and encircle the central hear-shaped pendant. The central, dangling pendant heart-shape is removable and secured by a folded-over type bail. It's face is set with a rose-cut diamond upon a very highly domed mount and surrounded by eight (9) table-cut diamonds in star-shaped settings. Between the upper and lower portions of the pendant is a curved horizontal band of yellow gold. Gold also forms a band around the central heart. The bale can accommodate a chain or ribbon.  I have matched up a beautiful vintage sterling silver belcher chain with the pendant. It is sometimes difficult to match up silver chains to such early pieces. However the color match and style of this vintage chain is pure perfect! The chain has a secure engraved lobster claw clasp, in perfect working order. 

The Flemish Heart ( in Dutch, Viaams heart) has long been given to a bride, wife, or mother upon special events or holidays. 

The symbolism is often interpreted as devotion to the Virgin Mary with the central diamond-shaped smaller heart representing the heart of Mary herself. The Antwerp Diamond Museum has found the mystery of the Flemish Heart to be as compelling as the belief that it confers health and luck upon the wearer.  The pendant could be given by a husband to his wife or a child to convey everlasting love. 

The wealthier a family, the more diamonds the pendant would contain.  Most of hearts the museum studied for it's comprehensive 2010 exhibit are unmarked.   The Flemish Heart is not typically associated with religion, yet it did originate in Antwerp where the patron saint is Mary who is prayed to protect health and crop hardiness.The style was also popular in the Normandy region and the north of France in the early 19th century.  This pendant looks striking with the antique sterling silver chain or ribbon. 

Note: Contemporary appraisals do not reflect the antique value on early jewelry. It is recommended that the Rare Georgian Baroque 14K Gold & Silver Diamond Heart and the Vintage Chain be insured for $10,500.00 (Tax Excluded) 


Measurements: Heart Pendant 66.00 mm x 40.00 mm   Chain (Adjustable) 16 1/2 - 18 1/2"

Stone Size: Heart Diamond 5.50 mm x 3.00 mm    Rose Cut and Table Cut Diamonds 1.00 mm -1.80 mm    Note: It is impossible to calculate the exact diamond weight in early closed back jewelry, however diamond weight is estimated at approximately .50 carats. Value is based on rarity, desirability, craftsmanship (hand-made), age, metals, gemstones, and condition.  

Weight: 26.40 grams 

Condition: Excellent. Note : This particular pendant is in very fine condition. 

Origin: French or Dutch    Provenance: France Normandy 

Date: Circa 1780

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