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"Be True To Me" - Medieval 12th -15th Century Bronze Betrothal Ring. This wonderful ring is crafted from bronze. Featuring a rare design, lovely detail, and quality bronze work.  The face of the ring is so beautiful and interesting, displaying Cyrillic script, which translates to  "Be True To Me". The scrolls are lovely, created to look like ribbons. The shank is smooth and plain, for a comfortable fit. The patina on this piece is a deep rich bronze colour, truly a fantastic artifact to be treasured for many years to come. 

Note: The Cyrillic script is a writing system used for various alphabet developed during the 9th century AD at the Preslav Literary School in the First Bulgarian Empire. It is the basis of alphabets used in various languages, especially those of orthodox Slavic origin, and non-Slavic languages influences by Russian. 

In the early 18th century, the Cyrillic script used in Russia was heavily reformed by Peter the Great, who had recently returned from his Grand Embassy in Western Europe. The new form of letters became closer to the Latin alphabet. 


Measurements: Face of Ring  22mm x 9mm 

Weight: 2.6 grams 

Ring Size: 9 1/2 

Condition: Excellent    Note: Artifacts should be treated as a luxury item. Should be worn with care. 

Origin: Most likely Russia     Provenance  Austria 

Date: 12th-15th Century

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