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Crescent Moon - Ancient Viking 8th -11th century bronze amulet Pendant. This wonderful pendant is crafted from bronze, featuring hand edged detail and a beautiful aged bronze patina.  The amulet has a lovely shape, hand etchings, and  original bale. The pendant has been matched up to a leatherette  adjustable cord. Truly a rare artifact that would make a very special gift or wonderful addition to any jewelry collection. 

Note: Sol (sun) and Máni (Moon) Are as their names suggest, the devine forces of the sun and the moon.  Sol and Máni form a brother and sister pair . When they first emerged as the cosmos was being created, they didn't know their powers were or what their roll was in the new world. Then the gods met together and created the different parts of the day and year and the phases of the moon so that Sol and Máni would know where they fit into the great scheme of things.  


Measurements Pendant 38mm x 21mm ( including bale)     Leather cord 17" - 19"  An extender can be added for additional length upon request. 

Weight: 4.1 grams

Condition: Excellent Note: Very fine state of preservation.  Artifacts should be treated as a luxury item, can be worn with care. 

Origin: Scandinavia  

Date: 8th-11th Century

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