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Currency Of The Celts - Ancient Celtic 5th-1st Century B.C. Prototherian Bronze Pendant. This wonderful artifact is crafted from bronze, featuring ancient bronze work, a very interesting history, and an amazing bronze patina.  The fantastic artifact is simple and beautiful, a solid ring which was once used by the Celtics as currency. It has a gorgeous aged, much desired green patina, it is smooth with a very nice sheen to the metal. The money ring feel smooth to the touch, and is substantial in size and weight. Not only is it a fascinating artifact, but when worn on a leather cord, in its own right, it is very stylish in a modernistic way,  The cord is soft and subtle so it protects the precious piece. The cord is black leather, adjustable and features a secure lobster claw clasp. Truly this piece would make a unique gift or addition to any early collection. 


Measurements: Diametre (outside) 35mm  

Weight: 20.2 grams 

Condition: Excellent  Note: Very fine state of preservation. Artifacts should be treated as a luxury item. Can be worn with care. 

Origin: England 

Date: 5th-1st Century B.C.

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