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Emerald Trio - Estate Sterling Silver Emerald Three Stone ring. This pretty ring is crafted from sterling silver, hallmarked 925, and makers initials QJ. Featuring one genuine pear shape emerald, two genuine round cut emeralds, and a classic style. The gallery on this ring showcases expertly claw-set green emeralds, displaying a greenish/yellowish hue. The central emerald is pear shaped, which is flanked by a round emerald on each side. The shoulders are sleek and polished, and form a 'v' shape above the gemstones. The shank is smooth and polished, which allows for a comfortable fit and easy sizing. This Estate ring makes a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection. 

History: Emerald gemstones were mined in Egypt as early as 330 BC, but some estimate that the oldest emeralds are 2.97 billion years old. Cleopatra is perhaps the most famous historical figure to cherish emerald gemstones. She even claimed ownership of all emerald mines in Egypt during her reign.

The story of silver mining began about 5,000 years ago. Silver was first mined around 3,000 BCE in Anatolia, now located in modern-day Turkey. The precious metal helped early civilizations in the Near East, Ancient Greece to flourish.

The sterling alloy originated in continental Europe and was being used for commerce as early as the 12th century in the area that is now northern Germany. A piece of sterling silver dating from Henry II's reign was used as a standard in the Trial of the Pyx until it was deposited at the Royal Mint in 1843.


Measurements: Face of the Ring 13.00 mm x 7.00 mm 

Stone Size: Emerald 1.00 carats 

Weight: 2.50 carats 

Ring Size: 7 1/2 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America 

Date: 1990s

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