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Ember Magic - Estate Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Earrings.  These lovely earrings are crafted from sterling silver, hallmarked 925 for sterling.  Featuring natural genuine Baltic amber, Art Nouveau styling, quality silver work. These beautiful earrings are set with expertly set cognac coloured amber, with very attractive and interesting natural specimens within the amber. Surrounding the gems is a gorgeous decorative silver frame with very pretty floral detail.  They have a secure fish hook wire for pierced ears, which are hallmarked 925 for sterling.  The Estate Art Nouveau Revival earrings look stunning when worn, truly a perfect gift or addition to any jewelry collection. 

Amber comes from the fossilized resin that lived tens of millions of years ago in trees. ... Since prehistoric times, amber has been used for religious objects. It was believed to have talismanic properties, and many ancient people buried amber objects and amulets with their dead to protect them in the afterlife.

Silver was first found in large amounts around 5000 BC, when prehistoric people dug the first copper mines. ... Large-scale silver mining had developed in Anatolia by 3000 BC. This was to meet the demand from the first ancient city states, which used the metal as a common medium of exchange.


Measurements:  49.00 mm x 15.00 mm 

Stone Size: Amber 12.00 mm x 9.00 mm 

Weight: 4.8 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Poland 

Date: 21st Century

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