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Ethereal sterling silver jelly opal & champagne diamond ring. This stunning ring is crafted from sterling silver, hallmarked 925 for sterling.  Featuring a beautiful opal with an amazing play of colour, and 14 round brilliant champagne diamonds.  The cabochon opal in this ring is expertly set with 6 claws, the colours in this opal are vibrant displaying hues of orange, yellow, green, blue and lavender.  The scalloped bezel set diamonds are very shiny and show a gorgeous champagne colour. The combination of the opal and the champagne diamonds have a warmth that works beautifully together. The gallery on this piece is so gorgeous, detailed with very pretty cut-out silver work.  The band has a high polish and is tapered, with the tapering extended to the gallery.  This Estate ring is in wonderful condition, this would make a very special gift or addition to any jewelry collection. 

Note: Jelly Opal is a translucent precious opal with a gelatinous appearance. Characteristically, these beautiful gems have a bluish sheen. However, the play of colour within them will include yellows, greens, pinks oranges, and sometimes bright reds. 

Jelly opals are darker in appearance than crystal opals, Today these beautiful stones are often found alongside black opal in the Lightening Ridge mines of Australia. However, Victorian era jelly opals would have likely been found in the Czech mines. 

Jelly opals are more transparent than other types of opal. Therefore, the play of colour acts differently. The colour rolls through the stone rather than appearing in shifting patches. As with all types of opals, jelly opals display more colour when they are slightly warmed by nearness to the skin. 

This opal is a beautiful example of a fine jelly opal ... just magnificent! 


Measurements: Face of ring 14mm x 10mm

Stone Size: Opal 2.20 ct  Diamonds .56 ctw 

Weight: 3.4 grams

Condition: Excellent

Origin:  Unknown.   Opal : Australia 

Date: Contemporary

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