Faux Fabulous - Art Deco Silver Faux Pearl & Paste Necklace Strand (ADN074)

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Faux Fabulous - Art Deco Silver Faux Pearl & Paste Necklace Strand. This lovely necklace is crafted from a silver metal. Featuring faux pearls, Art Deco era styling, and quality craftsmanship. This pearl strand is strung with silk thread, and showcases wonderful high quality cream colored lustrous pearls. The pearls are graduated, meaning that the pearls are different sizes ,larger in the front, which graduate to smaller sizes towards the back. Graduated pearls allows for an elegant and feminine look. The pearls are not knotted, with the exception of a few pearls towards the back. This technique allows the pearls to fit snuggly against each other. The clasp is made of a silver metal, which is adorned by antique cut clear paste gemstones.The clasp is faux, meaning that it is decorative and does not open. This pearl necklace is long enough to slip over the head. There is something about antique faux pearl necklaces that display such a high quality, therefore making it difficult to differentiate faux from genuine from afar. This Art Deco era necklace would make a wonderful addition to any antique/vintage jewelry collection. 

History: In Ancient Rome glass beads were coated with silver and then coated again with glass in an attempt to replicate the lustre of pearls. Small balls of clay coated with mica powder and then baked, were another early attempt to create the appearance of natural pearls.

In 1758 the Viennese goldsmith Joseph Strasser succeeded in inventing a colourless glass paste that could be cut and that superficially approached the sparkle of genuine diamond; the products of this paste are called strass stones. Before 1940 most imitation gems were made from glass with a high lead content.


Measurements: Pearl Necklace 23"

Stone Size: Pearl (Faux) 6.50 mm - 3.50 mm 

Weight: 22.30 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: England 

Date: Circa 1920 


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