Flower Power - Vintage Signed 'Sarah Coventry' Gold Plated Double Petal Layer Flower Brooch (VBR217)

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Flower Power - Vintage Signed 'Sara Coventry' Gold Plated Double Petal Layer Flower Brooch. This signed brooch is crafted from gold plate over metal, signed Sarah Cov for Sarah Coventry, and Canada. Featuring vintage styling, a signature, and quality craftsmanship. This statement piece is made up of three layers, which includes a textured pistil, textured petals, and polished petals, which gives the brooch contrast and beauty. The brooch is dimensional, and has a beautiful rich buttery gold color. The pin on the back is original to the piece, and fits securely into a lock mechanism. This gorgeous vintage brooch would make a wonderful gift or addition to your vintage jewelry collection. 

History: Sarah Coventry jewelry was named after the granddaughter of Lyman K. Stuart, the founder of the company. Established in 1949, thousands of women and some men were recruited to sell jewelry at Sarah Coventry home jewelry parties. It is recognized as the oldest direct selling jewelry company in the world.

Jewelry production stopped in the early 1980s, only to begin again in the early 2000s. Early Sarah Coventry jewelry was marked “Coventry”. Other marks used were “Sarah Coventry”, “SC”, “Sarah”, “Sarah Cov”, and “SAC”.

Luigi Brunatelli, an Italian chemist, is most widely credited for inventing electroplating. Brugnatelli published his findings on the use of Volta piles to deposit a layer of gold onto a metallic surface in 1805.

Brooches have evolved considerably from their beginnings in the ancient world. Brooches were used in a functional capacity to fasten or secure articles of clothing. The earliest of brooches consisted of thorns, flint, and sticks. During the Bronze Age the pins were then handcrafted out of metal.


Measurements: Face of the Ring 56.00 mm x 56.00 mm 

Weight: 34.80 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America , New York , Rhode Island    Note: This piece is made specifically for Canada. 

Date: Circa 1960


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