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Georgian La Renaissance- Georgian 18K Garnet & Pearl Enamelled Ring. This majestic ring is crafted from 18K yellow gold hallmarked 18ct inside the band.  Featuring an early paste garnet, 18 natural pearls, exquisite detailing and Georgian styling. The Central gemstone in this ring is an old cut foiled paste garnet with the most beautiful vibrant colour. Surrounding the stunning garnet is a halo of white pearls which are set into delicate settings. The gallery on this ring is breathtaking as are the shoulders of the ring, which features lovely black enamel work. The shank on the ring is fluted and the back of the ring has a closed back, a characteristic of Georgian rings.  The Georgian ring has a Renaissance stately feel with an abundance of character. Majestic and gorgeous, truly a collectors piece too be cherished for many years to come. 

Note: Contemporary appraisals do not reflect the antiquity value of pieces that are rare, therefore early jewelry is more so object driven.

Can be worn with care. Georgian closed back rings can not be immersed in liquid. 

Rings before 1850 were completely handmade, gemstones were hand cut, only using tools to make these treasures. Machinery was not used until after 1850. 

Note:  In the aristocratic classes of the 17th century Europe, particularly the tastes-making rococo Parisians, fine jewelry made of paste gemstones like diamonds and emeralds were flaunted and  coveted. These stones were treasured for their beauty as much as their relative rarity- it was rarity that prompted jewellers to seek out an equally beautiful , but less expensive alternative material for their creations. 

In 1724, French jewel designer Georges Frederic Strass came up with" paste" a kind of leaded glass that he cut and polished with metal powder until it appeared like a diamond in the light. These white "diamante" or " strass" were a hit with glamorous Parisian high society.  This lovely ring is a fine example of a beautiful paste gem.  

Comments: Pearls should not be immersed in liquid, to clean , gently wipe with a soft damp cloth and pat dry with a soft dry cloth.  Never use chemicals, just water on the cloth. 

When John Benjamin from the British Antique Roadshow was asked what his recommendation was for people to collect , his answer was Georgian rings. Here is a lovely example of one. 


Measurements: Face of Ring  16mm x 13mm 

Stone Size: Garnet Paste  3.00 carat  Pearl 2mm each 

Weight: 3.40 grams 

Condition: Very good  Note: Small flea bite on edge of paste gem (seen under magnification) and some enamel loss. Age appropriate signs of wear. 

Ring Size: 7

Origin: England 

Date: Circa 1820 

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