In The Groove - Estate Titanium Alternative Metal Gents Wedding Band Ring (ER330)

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In The Groove - Estate Titanium Alternative Metal Gents Wedding Band Ring. This unique ring is crafted from titanium, tested and confirmed. The ring features a classic design, and quality craftsmanship. This alternative metal wedding band exhibits a wonderful high polished finish and a 'quadruple groove' pattern. The ring is substantial and solid, which is perfect for daily wear.  The estate ring would make a wonderful wedding band, gift or addition to any jewelry collection. 

History: The first titanium compound was identified by a Cornish vicar named William Gregor in 1791, when he extracted the impure oxide. He dissolved it in acid and got a colourless solution, but found that it could be reduced by zinc to make a purple solution. He was a transition metal chemist ahead of his time.

Interesting facts about titanium. 

  • #1) It's Twice as Strong as Aluminum. ...
  • #2) It's Naturally Resistant to Corrosion. ...
  • #3) It Doesn't Occur Naturally. ...
  • #4) It's Used for Medical Implants. ...
  • #5) Only 0.63% of the Earth's Crust Is Titanium.


Measurements: Ring (Width) 6.50 mm 

Weight: 4.20 grams 

Ring Size: 9   Note: The ring cannot be sized. 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: China 

Date: Circa 1990

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