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Julia Domna Roman Denarius 196 - 211 AD Silver Coin. This ancient coin is crafted from silver.  This rare coin is the mother of Caracalla and Geta , which toured in Britain 208 -211 A.D. It is Julia Domna silver coin with Pietas Augustus child in arms.  To hold a coin in your hand such as this is quite simply amazing. It would make a perfect gift for any collector or a wonderful piece to be made into a piece of jewelry. 

Julia Domna (170 AD - 217 AD), was a Roman Empress of Syrian origins, the second wife of Emperor Septimus Severus (reigned 193 AD - 211 AD) and a powerful figure in the regime of his successor, the emperor Caracalla. She was born in Emesa in the Roman province of Syria to the hereditary high priest of Elagabalus, Julius Bassianus at Emesa in Syria and had a younger sister, Julia Maesa. She bore Septimius two sons, emperors Geta and Caracalla. As the emperors wife, she received the titles of augusta (193 AD) and mother of the army camps (195 AD). 

Julia was famous for her prodigious learning as well as her extraordinary political influence, and is remembered for being a patron of the arts, music, and philosophy, using her title and influence to spread the previously persecuted philosophy and helping it improve and flourish Rome. 

Denarius: Was a small coin first minted about 211 BC during the second Punic War. 



Measurements: 18mm 

Weight: 3.7  grams 

Condition: Excellent

Origin: Rome    Provenance: Ireland  

Date: 196 - 211 AD

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