Kida Of London - Vintage Signed 'Kida' Silver Metal Glass Agate Celtic Brooch (VBR233)

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Kida Of London - Vintage Signed 'Kida' Silver Metal Glass Agate Brooch. This lovely brooch is crafted from a silver metal, signed Kida and a numbered 2249P. The brooch features one round glass faux agate cabochon gemstone, vintage styling, and quality craftsmanship. This brooch showcases beautiful raised Celtic Knot decoration and an expertly bezel-set brown and white glass gem, which resembles an agate. The brooch has a pin on the back, which securely locks in place with a rotary type mechanism. This vintage brooch would make a wonderful gift or addition to any vintage jewelry collection. 

History: It's believed that the Celtic culture started to evolve as early as 1200 B.C. The Celts spread throughout western Europe—including Britain, Ireland, France and Spain—via migration. Their legacy remains most prominent in Ireland and Great Britain, where traces of their language and culture are still prominent today.

Celtic cultures seem to have been diverse, with the use of a Celtic language being the main thing they had in common. Today, the term 'Celtic' generally refers to the languages and cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany; also called the Celtic nations.

Celtic knots are a cultural phenomenon that exists within wedding ceremonies, tapestries, jewelry, tattoos, etc. These knots originated in Northern Italy and the South part of Gaul and went to Ireland in the 7th century. The original knots were broken and reconnected plaits showing.


Measurements: Brooch 42.50 mm x 40.00 mm 

Stone size: Glass Agate Gemstone 12.00 mm x 12.00 mm 

Weight: 10.20 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: United Kingdom 

Date: Circa 1980

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