Love You To Death - Vintage Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Poison Locket Ring (VR537)

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Love You To Death - Vintage Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Poison Locket Ring.  This wonderful ring is crafted from sterling silver, hallmarked 925 for sterling, Taxco , and a CBS makers mark, Mexico.  Featuring 3 genuine cabochon tiger eye gemstones,  vintage styling and great detailing.  This ring boasts 3 expertly bezel set tiger eye gemstones, with beautiful detail and engraving.  The central bezel opens and closed perfectly and locks in to place.  The ring has a wide band that is completely adjustable.  This Vintage piece certainly makes a statement, a great piece that's beautiful and so much fun to wear! 

Tiger eye was discovered in the 1800's in South Africa. People first thought it was a rare stone so it was sold as a semi-precious stone and it was very expensive. But other mines were discovered, first in Western Africa. At the beginning of 1900, tiger eye became a cheaper stone.

Silver was first found in large amounts around 5000 BC, when prehistoric people dug the first copper mines. ... Large-scale silver mining had developed in Anatolia by 3000 BC. This was to meet the demand from the first ancient city states, which used the metal as a common medium of exchange.  

Originating in ancient India and the Far East, the poison ring eventually made its way to Europe. The traditional poison ring had a very small container hidden under a hinged cover. Ancient Romans sometimes used poison rings to commit suicide when a painful death was unavoidable.


Measurements: Face of the Ring 26.00 mm x 18.00 mm 

Stone Size: Tiger Eye  12.00 mm x 8.00 mm  - 4.00 mm 

Weight: 9.60 grams 

Ring Size: Adjustable 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Mexico 

Date: 1940s

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