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Majorca's Treasure - Vintage Sterling Silver Marjorica Pearl & Crystal Necklace.  This Vintage strand of pearls is crafted from sterling silver, tested and a Majorica makers mark on the clasp, and inventory #2408495.  Featuring numerous faux pearls, Austrian crystals, and high quality workmanship.  Majorica pearls are known as the highest quality faux pearls in the world.  Mainly because of the process , which is used to create these gorgeous lustrous pearls (see below for process).  The pearls display a beautiful champagne colour, and have a look and feel of high quality genuine pearls.  The clasp is beautifully made and adorned with Austrian crystal.  The necklace also features a security chain on the back of the necklace.  The pearls are hand-knotted with silk thread, which also adds security and protects the pearls.  This Vintage necklace has its original box and tag. A true collectible beauty , which can be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come. 

History: Majorica is a Spanish company that manufactures imitation pearls called Majorica pearls. Now based in Majorca, the company was founded in 1890 in Barcelona. In 1990, Gems & Gemology described Majorica pearls as "the most widely marketed and meticulously manufactured imitation [pearl] today". Majorca pearls are from the island of Majorca, Spain. Their trade name is actually spelled with an “i”, Majorica Pearls. They call themselves the “World's Most Precious Simulated Pearls” and they are exactly that… simulated pearls.

Using the most innovative technology and a closely guarded secret process, MAJORICA has achieved "the perfect pearl" in colour, sheen, lustre, texture and strength. Researches in gemmological laboratories have provided conclusive proof: MAJORICA pearls are remarkably similar to good quality cultivated pearls.

The process is laborious and time-consuming, requiring large farms and millions of mollusks. Of the yield, very few will be of excellent, gem-like quality and are much more valuable than artificial pearls.


Measurements: 22" 

Stone Size: Pearl 8.00 mm   Crystal 2.00 mm each 

Weight: 58.40 grams 

Condition: Excellent   Note: Pristine , Looks like the stand has never been worn. Original box included. 

Origin: Spain, Majorca 

Date: Circa 1960

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