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Medieval 17th Century Solidus Boratinka Bronze Coin.  This amazing bronze coin is from the Medieval reign of King Jan II Casimir.  The coin , Solidius Boratinka struck for both Poland and Lithuania between 1660 and 1666. Coins have a bust of Jan in the foot. The Polish issues have a crowned eagle on the reverse, while the Lithuanian issues have the Knight Vytautas on horseback on the reverse.  This rare coin would make a wonderful unique gift or addition for any  coin or Medieval collection. 

Note: This coin is in its original uncleaned condition. 

History: King Jan (John) II Casimir was born in 1609 as the second son of Polish King Sigismund III Vasa.  He fought in the 30 years war only to be captured by the French. After his release he decided to join the Jesuits and forgo political life.  He, Poland , and Lithuania would probably have been better off if he had stayed a Jesuit.  He soon left the Jesuits and upon the death of his brother in 1648 he became King of both Poland and Lithuania. His reign was marked by almost constant warfare with his neighbours. He skipped the country in 1655 in the face of Swedish invasion, returning only after a number of successful peasant revolts against the Swedes. In attempts to find allies and make peace he was forced to give up his claims to Prussia and Sweden. Even so, he lost large amounts of territory to Sweden and Russia. Facing domestic upheaval over his disastrous policies, he abdicated in 1668 and retied to France to become a abbot. 


Measurements: 15.20 mm diameter

Weight: 1.20 grams

Condition: Good 

Origin: Poland / Lithuania 

Date: 1660-1666

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