Midnight - Vintage Plastic Knotted Black Bead Necklace (VN082)

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Midnight - Vintage Plastic Knotted Black Bead Necklace.  This elegant necklace is made from plastic.  The necklace has numerous black beads and is an extra long length so it can be worn long, doubled or tripled.  They are a lovely deep onyx black colour, which looks elegant when worn. The beads are versatile and can be worn day or night.  These 1980s Vintage beads are nice and light, which makes them comfortable to wear. A perfect addition to any Vintage Retro Jewelry collection.

History. Beads are thought to be one of the earliest forms of trade between members of the human race. It is thought that bead trading was one of the reasons why humans developed language. ... The oldest beads found to date were at Blombos Cave, about 72,000 years old, and at Ksar Akil in Lebanon, about 40,000 years old.


Measurements: Necklace 70" 

Stone Size: Bead 10.00 mm 

Weight: 85.30 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Canada 

Date: 1980s 




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