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Minted In 1945 - Vintage 21K & 18K Gold Dos Pesos Tie Tack.  This wonderful tie tac is crafted from 21K and 18K yellow gold, tested.   Featuring a Vintage 1945 minted coin, custom quality craftsmanship, and Vintage styling. This coin is in mint condition, and set in a custom made bezel setting.  The front of the coin says: Estados Unidos Mexicanos, meaning: United States Of Mexico. The back of the coin says 1945 Dos Pesos, Meaning 1945 (the date the coin was minted , Dos Pesos (two Pesos) The back of the pin has a bar for support and the pin, which is crafted from 18K gold. Whilst the backing (the holder)is crafted from a gold plate ( a characteristic of tie tacks), which fits securely on the pin.  This coin is highly collectible, and stylish.  It looks great on a tie, lapel, coat, shirt,  or hat.  Superb piece! 

History: The first minted coinsThe origin of the word "mint" is ascribed to the manufacture of silver coin at Rome in 269 BC at the temple of Juno Moneta.

The Colonial Mexican Mint

Antonio de Mendoza, who was operating under the authority of the Spanish crown, founded the Mexican Mint in 1535 - making it the oldest continuously operating mint in the New World.

They came into power in 1325 and ruled until 1521. In 1521, Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs and Mexico became a Spanish colony. For 300 years Spain ruled the land until the early 1800s. ... In 1821, Mexico defeated the Spanish and gained full independence.


Measurements: Tie Tack 13.00 mm 

Weight: 3.80 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Mexico 

Date: Dated 1945

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