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My protector - Victorian Gold Wash Over Sterling Silver Carved Shield Carnelian Ring. This sweet Victorian ring is crafted from sterling silver, with a gold wash over. Featuring an oval genuine carved carnelian and Victorian styling.  This lovely petite ring is expertly bezel set with a carved carnelian , in the form of a raised shied. The gemstone has delicate carving, and is rust in colour with a raised white shield.  It is closed back, and displays a silver colour, whilst the rest of the ring still has its original gold wash present.  This charming ring, would make a great pinky ring, or a 'past the knuckle' ring since the size is small.  Just lovely! 

Carnelian belongs to the mineral family quartz. Its history dates back 4,500 years, at which time Ancient Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians fashioned it into body ornaments. The Ancient Greeks and Romans also favored the semi-precious gemstone for intaglios which they used in signet rings.

Silver was first found in large amounts around 5000 BC, when prehistoric people dug the first copper mines. ... Large-scale silver mining had developed in Anatolia by 3000 BC. This was to meet the demand from the first ancient city states, which used the metal as a common medium of exchange.Feb. 13, 2020


Measurements: Face of the Ring 13.00 mm x 10.00 mm 

Stone Size: Carnelian 9.00 mm x 8.00 mm 

Weight: 1.10 grams 

Ring Size: 3 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: England 

Date: Circa 1880

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