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Estate gold genuine amber & garnet earrings.  These wonderful earring are crafted from 24K silver vermeil ( gold overlay over silver)  and 14K gold-fill .  These lovely estate earrings are in the medieval style , hand made and wired with beautiful genuine gemstones of amber, and garnet.  These would make a unique gift or addition to any jewelry collection. 

Note: During the Medieval times, legend associated certain gemstones with the elements of fire. The designer used two of the most popular of them in these lovely earrings: deep red garnet and honey baltic amber.  During ancient and medieval times, amber was believed to be the solidified radiance of the sun itself, and was known as the fabled " Gold of the North" Both garnet and amber were believed to rule the heart.  

These earrings are adapted from jewelry worn during those times. The vermeil connectors are the classic equal-armed Medieval knights cross. They have been accented by faceted garnets( believed by the Medievals to represent the fire of passion and courage) . The focal points are the magnificent beads of faceted Baltic honey amber. This honey am,ver would have been highly prized by the Medieval lady.  During the middle ages, gold was so expensive that it was reserved for royalty and the church, and most Medieval nobleman and wealthy ladies wore sterling vermeil. Vermeil was known as 'silver gold' to Medieval jewellers. Using it in these Medieval reproductions makes them even more authentic. 


Measurements: 2 7/8" 

Stone Size: Amber 10mm  Garnets 4mm 

Weight: 4 grams

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America 

Date: 21st Century

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