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Georgian natural pearl and sterling silver paste necklace.  This rare Georgian pearl necklace is gorgeous. It is has five (5) strands of hand strung natural seed pearls. The necklace has it's original sterling silver and paste stone clasp. The clasp is unmarked but has been tested for silver.  The pearls are just gorgeous with such beautiful creamy white colour and fine lustre.  The clasp is so beautiful that you can wear it in the front if you wish.  The necklace consists of hundreds of 1mm natural pearls. This piece is a beautiful rare Georgian necklace that would make a perfect addition to your jewellery collection or a stunning wedding heirloom. 

Note: A seed pearl is a small natural pearl, formed in either a saltwater oyster or freshwater mussel, that is usually less than 2mm in diameter.  These pearls would have been found when divers searched for natural pearls in the Persian Gulf and Asia , or closer to home in streams and rivers of the USA, Europe and the British Isles. 


Measurements: 15 1/2 " or 39.6 cm  Pearl 1mm - 2mm 

Weight: 10 grams

Condition: Excellent  Note: from the private collection of the owner Michelle Sillence

Origin: England

Age: Circa 1800

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