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Item Number:  EDN004

Edwardian sterling silver baroque pearl festoon necklace.  This necklace is absolutely beautiful. It is made of a very high quality and detail. However it is simple and elegant. The necklace tests as sterling silver.  It has beautiful silver work and although delicate looking the necklace is substantial. Beautiful baroque pearls are incased in a silver bezel. The chain is simple however there are some little flowers that add some detail to the necklace. The necklace measures 15.5 ".  The pearls have a beautiful lustre. The clasp is original to the piece and works beautifully. This necklace has attributes of the company called Liberty. However there isn't a makers mark.  Liberty did carry a number of pieces that were not signed. In my opinion this could be one of those those rare pieces.  So elegant , however can be worn with a t shirt and blue jeans or a gown. This necklace is that versatile. This is so special and should be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come.  

Note:  During the 1890s Arthur Lasenby Liberty built strong relationships with many English designers. Many of these designers, including Archibald Knox, practised the artistic styles known as Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau , and Liberty helped develop Art Nouveau through his encouragement of such designers. The company became associated with this new style, to the extent that in Italy, Art Nouveau became known as the Stile Liberty, after the London shop. 


Measurements:  Length: 15.5 " Inside strand

Weight: 15 Grams  

Condition: Excellent

Origin: English    Note: From the private collection of the owner Michelle Sillence

Date: Circa 1900

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