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Victorian 10k morganite & paste earrings. These beautiful Victorian earrings are made of 10K solid gold, they have a 10K hallmark on the french hook.  They are a chandelier style that adorns the precious gemstones. The gemstones in this piece are beautiful green morganite. Morganite gemstones are extremely rare and known for their light green colour and durability. The gemstones are beautifully cut using the old European cut and feature a stunning sparkle that reflect light beautifully.  In the centre of these stunning gemstones there is a beautiful clear pate stone. This is also cut using the old European cut and features a stunning clarity as well as beautiful sparkle that raises this piece to a truly elegant appeal.  

The old European cut was a cutting technique used in the early Victorian period and is one of the first cutting techniques known to man. This involved hand cleaving the gemstone or diamond into a round shape with rough facets and a high rise table. This cut is by far one of the more rare cuts out there due to a lot of these pieces being re cut to the modern round cut over the years. 

The gold work in this piece is entirely made from hand and features a lovely oval shape with two designs attached to the ear backings. The gold work is made out of thick 10K gold and is polished for a shiny new elegant appeal. 

The earrings are finished off with a french type hook that works back to front closure( a typical characteristic of early earrings).The backings work perfectly. These earrings are very fine and in remarkable condition for their age.  


Measurements: 1.25" long

Stone Size:  .40ctw green morganite

Weight: 1.9 grams

Condition: Excellent

Origin: America

Date: Circa 1880

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