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Victorian 1800s pinchbeck hand painted portrait earrings. These magnificent earrings are made of Pinchbeck. The earrings have wires for pieced ears,  the pinchbeck frame beautiful hand pained portraits of a young lady. The lady is most definitely a lovely young Victorian lady wearing a pale pink dress, a lovely choker, necklace and a flower in her fair blonde hair. The beautiful hand painted portrait is done on porcelain. The frame has a very pretty scroll work that frames the central panel of beautiful hand engraving. A lovely tear shaped drop dangles from the engraved panel.  These earrings are museum quality, just absolutely beautiful! 

Note: Pinchbeck is a form of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, mixed in proportions so that it closely resembles gold in appearance. It was invented by Christopher Pinchbeck (1670-1732), a London clockmaker. Since gold was only sold in 18 carat (18k) quality at that time, the development of pinchbeck allowed ordinary people to buy gold"effect" jewellery. The inventor allegedly made pinchbeck jewellery clearly labelled as such. Pinchbeck jewellery was used in places like stagecoaches where there was no risk of theft. Later dishonest people people passed pinchbeck off as gold. The most beautiful pinchbeck are the earlier pieces. This earrings are a fine example of that time. 


Measurements: 2.5 " x 1/2 "

Weight: 6.4 grams

Condition: Excellent . Painting is in beautiful condition, very faint normal scratches from antique age. Please look at close up photos. 

Origin: England

Date: Circa 1880 , possibly earlier. 

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