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Victorian Sterling Silver Albertina Purse & Heart  Bracelet.  This Victorian era bracelet is so special. It is sterling silver, with a sterling silver hallmark on the padlock clasp.  The beautiful rare bracelet has four sections of double strand antique braided and rope chain are anchored by decorativee silver balls and centred with a hand engraved slide which does not move. An unusual and rare purse fob and heart shaped padlock with a safety chain complete this beautiful antique bracelet.  

Note:  An Albert chain, usually made of silver or gold, is a watch chain in the 19th century. It has a "T" bar on the one end, which is used to attach the chain to a button hole in a waistcoat, while the other end is fitted with a swivel hook to attach the watch. There was usually a small length of chain joined to the end with the "T" bar, to which a fob, seal or charm was attached. When the watch is placed in the wastecoat pocket , the looped chain and the fob-end is visible. The links are often twisted to allow the chain to lie on the waste coat. 

The "Albert" chain was supposedly named after a style of chain worn by Price Albert, the prince consort and husband of Queen Victoria. 

The "double" Albert was a chain symmetrically draped between both watch pockets on the waistcoat, with the T-bar and pendant chain in the middle. One end of the chain had the watch attached. and the other end of the chain may have Vesta (match) case, cigar cutter or small pocket knife attached. The Albet chain continued to be used for it's tented purpose until the 20th century when the pocket watch was superseded by the wristwatch, after which it became fashionable to wear the Albert chain as a necklace. 

An Albertina chain is the name given to a watch chain worn by women. The chains were generally finer than Albert chains, and often were multi-stranded. Theses "Albertina" chains were often made into bracelets such as this beautiful example. 


Measurements:  7 1/2" 

Weight: 22.85 grams

Condition: Excellent

Origin: England

Date: Circa 1880

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