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Neolithic 3000 B.C. Quartz Beads & Flint arrowhead Necklace. This wonderful piece is composed of 3000 B.C quartz beads, 3000 B.C. flint arrowheads, leather and copper.  Ancient meets contemporary art is how I would describe this fabulous necklace, artifacts , hand wired into a handmade leather braided necklace. This piece is spectacular in so many ways , the rare arrowheads and quartz beads are to be admired not only as a thing of beauty but as an artifact that was carved 3000 B.C.  Artistically and historically a necklace to be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come. 


Note: The Neolithic period was the latter part of the Stone-Age and even overlaps with the Bronze-Age in certain regions. It began when man ceased the nomadic way of life and started settling in agricultural communities. As well as hunting , they started keeping livestock and growing crops in annual cycles. It lasted until the first metal tools were introduced 4-5000 years ago with the Iron and Bronze Ages. 

The Neolithic period provides plethora of collectible pieces, each unique and hand-crafted thousands of years ago. To hold a Neolithic arrowhead knowing it was used in the basic , everyday survival of our earliest ancestors is a wonderful experience. 

The beautiful flint arrowheads were often worn by Vikings and Saxons as a protection against sudden unexplained pains, that they believed to be attacks / arrow shots by elves. A Neolithic flint, when found was greatly prized.  The Vikings and Saxons of course had no concept of the Neolithic people who made the arrowheads thousands of years before them. 

Investing in Ancient artifacts:  Ancient artifacts are finite, less are being discovered as time passes, and of course at some point in the future there will be no more. The quantity and availability is ever decreasing as collectors and museums purchase these objects and take them permanently off the market. Consequently, investment in antiquities is rising. as availability decreases across the whole spectrum of Ancient artifacts, investment proving to be provident and wise, and most of all,  for the sheer pleasure of owning a piece of history. 



Measurements:  Necklace 17 1/2"

Stone Size:  Flint Arrowheads 20mm-30mm length  14mm-18mm   Quartz beads 13mm-15mm round. 

Condition: Excellent   Note : Artisan hand crafted necklace is in pristine condition.  Can be worn with care,  should be treated as a luxury item.  

Origin: England 

Date: Artifacts 3000 B.C.    Artisan hand crafted necklace : Contemporary

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