Olé - Estate Gold Plated Fifth Avenue Collection 'Butler Madrid' Austrian Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone & Black Enamel Brooch (EBR006)

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Olé - Estate Gold Plated Fifth Avenue Collection Butler Madrid Austrian Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone & Black Enamel Brooch.  Featuring Austrian Swarovski crystal, black enamel work, vintage styling, and quality craftsmanship. This lovely brooch is made for The Fifth Avenue Collection, signed BUTLER, and named Madrid.  The gallery is made in the form of a ribbon, which is adorned by sparkling Swarovski crystals, in a heart and scroll design. The background showcases wonderful jet black enamel -work, which is framed by sparkling Swarovski crystals, adding contrast and richness to the piece. The Spanish were actually known for black silk velvet clothing with karat gold threaded wire-work, which made an exquisite brocade. This design replicates the fashion from centuries ago in Spain, thus the name'Madrid' The back of the brooch has a textured polish, a pin and secure lock mechanism, and is signed BUTLER. This estate Brooch would make a wonderful gift, or addition to your jewelry collection.

History: Fifth Avenue Collection Ltd was founded in 1988. The company's line of business includes the wholesale distribution of jewelry, precious stones and metals, costume jewelry, watches, clocks, and silverware.

Joseph Strasser could be credited with the precursor to our present-day Rhinestone, but it was really when Georg Freidrich Strass in 1760 invented the first ever rhinestone (artificial gemstone) from a special type of crystal found in the Rhine River that the stones we know today were born.

Swarovski crystals were first invented in 1895 by Austrian jeweler Daniel Swarovski. The crystals contain more than 30% lead, making for a harder, more reflective, higher quality stone. Swarovski crystals revolutionized the industry, using proprietary technology to cut faceted stones.

The earliest known enameled pieces have been dated to the 13th century BC, when Mycenaean goldsmiths inlaid enamels into gold rings. Since then, cultures all over the world have incorporated enameling into their art forms.

These Pre-Columbian smiths used alloys of copper with gold and silver known as tumbaga. However, it wasn't until 1805 that Italian chemist Luigi Brugnatelli invented electroplating.


Measurements: Brooch 82.00 mm x 48.00 mm 

Stone Size: Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone 2.00 mm each 

Weight: 24.80 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Canada 

Date: Circa 1980



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