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ØX - Ancient Viking 8th-11th Century Bronze Axe.  This amazing amulet is crafted from bronze, featuring wonderful hand etching and quality bronze work.  This amulet is substantial in size and solid with beautiful etchings on both sides, representing solar decoration. The bale is also substantial and sturdy, , allowing this fantastic piece to not only be collectable but extremely wearable. The artifact has been matched up to a contemporary leather adjustable cord, featuring a sturdy lobster claw clasp, in perfect working order.  The leather cord aesthetically works perfectly with the axe , whilst protecting the bale on this precious piece of history. This rare piece is an amazing find, truly a desirable artifact for any collection. 

Note: ØX - Means axe in Old Norse language. The axe of Perun is first of all . military ward. However in Norse Myology it is known to protect people who do not have any relation to the military sphere. Courage, fortitude, perserverence, dedication - these are the qualities that strengthens this amulet. Also the Perun Axe is a symbol of unity Roda, deep image of unity and it's living representatives of the gods and distant ancestors. Therefor the axe definitely gives a person the strength to deal with the circumstance that causes the interference of the dark forces. In this perspective , this amulet can be recommended as universal enough for widespread use.  

However a greater degree of the Perun Axe bears fighting power. It protects the righteous warrior in combat, it takes away from the arrows, spears, and bullets. A warrior who fights for his people, for his family, will always be under the auspices of the highest Perun and other gods. The maximum effect Axe of Perun is if person , whose patron is Perun ( for Krugoletu Chislobeoga)


Measurements: Axe Amulet   46mm x 44mm    Necklace Cord   18" - 20"  Extender available upon request.  

Weight: 19.9 grams 

Condition: Excellent   Museum Quality

Origin: Scandinavia 

Date: 8th-11th Century

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