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Papillon Blanc - Vintage Gold Plated White Enamel Butterfly Stud Earrings. These sweet earrings are crafted from gold plate over metal. Featuring white enamel, and vintage styling. These dainty earrings are made in the form of a butterfly. The butterflies have a beautiful white enamel finish, which is framed by a gold trim. These earrings are for pierced ears, featuring posts and suction cup backings. The vintage earrings are charming, and so versatile. They can be worn with anything, and everything! 

History: The earliest known enameled pieces have been dated to the 13th century BC, when Mycenaean goldsmiths inlaid enamels into gold rings. Since then, cultures all over the world have incorporated enameling into their art forms.

The butterfly has been a symbol of transformation, hope and faith for thousands of years. The butterfly is also a symbol of rebirth, since it goes through so many life cycles -- from larva to caterpillar to chrysallis and finally to a beautiful, flying butterfly.

In England, John Wright and Henry and George Elkington got the first patent for gold and silver electroplating in 1840. The underpinnings of the process were engineered several decades earlier by a chemist from Italy named Luigi Brugnatelli. He was a good buddy of Alessandro Volta, for whom the volt is named.


Measurements: Earrings 10.00 mm x 9.00 mm 

Weight: 1.80 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America

Date :Circa 1980

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