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Medieval 15th-17th century "Fede" bronze betrothal or friendship ring. This wonderful ring is crafted from bronze, featuring wonderful detail and quality bronze work. The ring consisted of two parts, the band which is simple in design with a wonderful motif representing hands for marriage or friendship. These rings were first made during the Roman Empire and have since been popular for many centuries, they are now as " "Fede" rings, a design of a ring in which two hands meet and are clasped in friendship, love or betrothal. This particular artifact is in wonderful condition, truly a perfect gift for that someone special. 

 Note: The name " Fede" is from the Italian phrase "mani in fede" or hands clasped in faith


Measurements:  16mm x 8mm 

Weight: 1.4 grams 

Ring Size: 6 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Europe 

Date: 15th-17th Century

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