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An 18th Century Treasure - Georgian French Rare Hand-Wrought Silver Paste Gemstone Dangly Earrings.  It is rare to find original Georgian earrings like these for sale. These are handmade sterling silver earrings which are hand -set with foil backed pastes. This was not uncommon at the time, often woman would have their paste jewelry made which was a replica of their diamond jewels for when they travelled so that they did not lose their precious jewelry being robbed in a stage coach.  Featuring beautiful hand-wrought silver work with 22 small clear white pastes set throughout the scrolls , whilst the surmount and drop also have a larger round cut paste and tear drop paste set into a rubbed and crimped setting.  Notice that one of the tear drop pastes is darker than the others, this is due to the changes in the foil enclosing the paste at the back of the setting. These wonderful earrings are so stunning when worn, truly rare earrings to be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come. 

Paste jewellery dates back to France during the 18th century when a jeweller named Georges Frederic Stras began hand crafting fine-quality Paste jewellery in 1724. He was quickly then appointed as “Jeweller to the King”, and began making Paste jewellery for King Louis XV of France.

The story of silver mining began about 5,000 years ago. Silver was first mined around 3,000 BCE in Anatolia, now located in modern-day Turkey. The precious metal helped early civilizations in the Near East, Ancient Greece to flourish.

The term "sterling silver" probably originated in eastern Germany when five towns formed the Hanseatic League in the 1100s. These town minted their own coins of 92.5 percent silver. When Britain sold cattle and grain to the League, they were paid in "Easterling coins".


Measurements: 2 1/2" x 1 1/8" 

Stone Size:  Tear drop paste 12.00 mm x 8.00 mm  Large Round Paste: 7mm Small round paste 2mm each  

Weight: 12.8 grams 

Condition: Excellent    Note: Completely original in wonderful condition with the exception with one darkened paste gemstone. This is common in very old paste jewelry. The back to front original ear hooks were changed to ear wires at one point in history, which makes them easier to take on and off.  

Origin: France 

Date: Circa 1780

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