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Odin & Ravens - Rare Ancient Viking 8th -11th Century Bronze Huginn & Muninn Bronze Pendant.  This amazing artifact is crafted from bronze.  Featuring a rare viking design, exquisite detail and quality bronze work.  This wonderful amulet displays the face of Odin in the centre and his twin ravens Huginn & Muninn on each side of him.  The Norse God and his companions (the ravens) are surrounded by a beautiful beaded circular frame.  The bale is contemporary which allows this fabulous amulet to be worn and enjoyed today.  The pendant has been matched up to a contemporary bronze chain, which works beautifully with the open-worked pendant.  This pendant is a rare hard to find piece of history to be treasured and enjoyed for many years to come. 

Note:  Among the Aesir gods in Norse mythology, the supreme god Odin, is frequently depicted sitting on his seat, Hildskjalf, in Asgard, the home of the gods. Odin always has his two raven companions, Huginn and Munnin on his shoulders.  Huginn is believed to represent memory and Muninn personifies thought.  Everyday Odin sends them out and they fly across the worlds to seek for important news and events. Odin surveys the world from Hlidskjalf and must know reports of what is happening in all nine worlds.  

In the evening, Huginn and Munnin return to Odin's shoulders and during dinner in Valhalla, they whisper all they have heard in his ears.  He decides to send his ravens to the underworld to investigate the disappearance of the goddess Idun. But the report of Huginn and Munnin is enigmatic and unsatisfying. 

Ravens are traditionally very important creatures in Norse mythology. They are linked with battles and death, not only in poems but in reality. They are scavengers usually found among corpses on the battlefield in the aftermath of war.  In Norse mythology, a raven plays an additional (double) role as a sign of evil or a sign of good. 

Huginn and Muninn meeting on Odin's shoulders symbolizes his power to see into the future, his mind and thoughts. Additionally, as symbols of the battlefield, they represent god Odin's welcoming to Valhalla, the hall of Odin, which warriors were slaughtered in battle- the Einheriar can enjoy a happy afterlife. 

Huginn and Muninn are not common ravens; they have special abilities. They can fly very fast and manage to visit the nine worlds in only one day and manage to come back the same time for Odin's dinner. They have an amazing observation ability and can understand and speak human language. 

Huginn and Muninn are rather his wise advisors than spies or servants. Or perhaps they are personification of the god Odin's intellectual powers, or his 'fylgja' animal spirits that accompany him for good or bad. 


Measurements:  Pendant 37mm x 22mm    Chain 20"

Weight: 9.50 grams 

Condition: Excellent      Note: Artifacts are luxury items. Can be worn with care. 

Origin: Latvia 

Date: 8th-11th Century

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