Ruby Rush - Estate Natural Oval Cut Faceted Loose Ruby Gemstone (EA001)

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Ruby Rush - Estate Natural Oval Cut Faceted Loose Ruby Gemstone. These lovely rubies are red in color, with pinkish/red hues. They are sold loose and vary in size.  These rubies can are available for replacing a gemstone or for designing your own jewelry. These estate rubies would make a perfect addition to any precious gemstone collection. 

History: Records suggest that rubies were traded along China's North Silk Road as early as 200 BC. Chinese noblemen adorned their armor with rubies because they believed the gem would grant protection. Burma has been a significant ruby source since at least 600 AD.

A group of scientists studying the geology of rubies in Greenland, a country known to hold the oldest deposits of rubies in the world, found a ruby that contained graphite, a mineral made up of pure carbon. The presence of carbon indicates that early life existed on the planet around 2.5 billion years ago.


Measurements: Ruby 6.00 mm x 4.00 mm 

Stone Size: Variation of weights, approximately .55 carats each 

Weight: See above stone weight

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Africa     Provenance: America    

Date: Millions of years old    Note: Purchased from a 1990s Jewellers estate

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