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Sagittarii - Ancient Roman 100 A.D. - 400 A.D. Bronze Archers Ring.  This amazing ring is crafted from bronze, featuring a "V"design,  a characteristic of an archers ring, beautiful raised decoration throughout and around the entire ring, and quality bronze work.  This is a rare an fantastic find, worn by a Roman archer on the thumb. This particular example is superb with it's aged bronze patina, detail and condition. This artifact would make a very special gift or addition to any antiquity or jewelry collection.  

Note: Sagittarii is the Latin term for archers.  The term sagittariorum in the title or cavalry unit indicates a specialized archer regiment.

The zodiac sign 'Sagittarius' is known as the archer. 


Measurements:  Widest 13mm  Narrowest 7mm 

Weight: 6.6 grams 

Ring Size: 12 1/2 

Condition: Excellent   Note: Artifacts should be treated as a luxury item. Can be worn with care. 

Origin: Rome      Provenance : Austria 

Date:  100 A.D. - 400 A.D. 


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