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Lunula- Ancient Viking 8th-11th Century Silver Bronze Crescent Moon Amulet & Chain. These amazing artifacts are created from bronze.  Featuring a hand-made bronze crescent moon,  a handmade bronze chain, amazing workmanship and style.  The crescent moon on this extraordinary piece is forged and has a beautiful shape, and coiled raised decoration.  The chain consists of hand-made alternating coils and looped links. The pendant and chain look perfect together, an could have been original to each other. The necklace has such presence, it displays strength and a sense of power, however aesthetically beautiful. The pendant and chain are substantial, and both display a wonderful much desired aged bronze green patina.  This amazing museum quality necklace is rare investment piece that can be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come. 

Note: To the vikings wearing lunula (crescent moon) amulet symbolized happiness,  good luck and protection from evil forces, evil eye and demonic creatures. It is a pagan jewelry sign of femininity and fertility. Lunula was worn by men, woman and children. The Lunula symbols were commonly produced during the period 2.200 -2000 B.C. The signs were rarely found in graves. Though some artifacts were found in bogs, still most of the artifacts were found higher, under stones. The Ancient lunula signs were commonly possessions of clans and groups rather than personal possessions. Early Lunula symbols were often plan , but some features encryptions, and various patterns. This particular example is a rare Viking Era amulet and chain in very fine museum quality condition. 


Measurements: Pendant : 64mm x 45mm  Chain 24"  

Weight: 84.8 grams 

Condition: Excellent   Note: Museum Quality. Artifacts should be treated as a luxury item. Can be worn with care.  

Origin: Scandinavia  Note: Purchased from a private collection

Date: 8th-11th Century

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