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Sun Rays - Estate Sterling Natural Silver Citrine Filigree Ring. This gorgeous ring is crafted from sterling silver, hallmarked 925 for sterling. Featuring a genuine natural emerald cut faceted citrine, exquisite designing and quality silver work. The expertly claw-set citrine is a beautiful vibrant yellow color, displaying yellowish/orangey/ brownish hues. The setting has an attractive octagon shaped bezel with delicate detail, whilst the shoulders of the ring add beauty with its delicate filigree and engraved work. The shank is smooth and polished, which allows for a comfortable fit and easy sizing. This Edwardian revival estate ring looks stunning when worn, truly a perfect gift or addition to any jewelry collection.

History: Citrine /ˈsɪtriːn/ is a colour, the most common reference for which is certain coloured varieties of quartz which are a medium deep shade of golden yellow. Citrine has been summarized at various times as yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish yellow or orange. Citrine. Citrine, a deep golden yellowish variety of quartz.

History. Slag heaps near ancient mine workings in Turkey and Greece prove that silver mining started around 3000 BC. The metal was refined by cupellation, a process invented by the Chaldeans, who lived in what is now southern Iraq.

The term "sterling silver" probably originated in eastern Germany when five towns formed the Hanseatic League in the 1100s. These town minted their own coins of 92.5 percent silver. When Britain sold cattle and grain to the League, they were paid in "Easterling coins".

Measurements: Face of Ring 13.00 mm x 12.00 mm 

Stone Size: Citrine  2.50 carat 

Weight: 2.70 grams

Ring Size: 7 1/4

Condition: Excellent

Origin: America

Date: 21st Century

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