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Victorious - Medieval Byzantine 11th -14th Century Silver Engraved Cross. This wonderful cross is crafted from silver.  Featuring Medieval Byzantine styling, Fantastic ancient engravings, and quality silver -work.  This amazing cross has a beautiful shape, and although simple in design it has an abundance of character. At each point of the back of the cross there is intriguing ancient writing which translates to Jesus and Victorious. The front of the cross has some engraved detail in the form of lines.  The amazing artifact has an amazing aged silver patina. To keep the antiquity of the piece it should not be polished and left in its original state. The cross has been matched up to an Italian contemporary silver chain, which works beautifully with the cross. This very special piece is a treasure to be cherished and enjoyed for many years to come. 


Measurements: Pendant 36mm x 22mm    Chain 20" 

Weight: 8.70 grams 

Condition: Excellent    

Origin: Europe, Byzantine Empire    Provenance: Austria 

Date: 11th - 14th Century (Conservative date, could be earlier for Ancient Byzantine)                                                                       

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