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Viking's Loyalty - Ancient Viking Circa 18th -19th Century Silver Twisted Ring.  This wonderful ring is crafted from silver, tested, and hallmarked with an old Northern European hallmark. Featuring an authentic Viking design, and high quality workmanship. This amazing ring exhibits fantastic twisted wire-work ( a characteristic found in ancient jewelry).  Displaying a solid heavier twist and a smaller tighter twist, which gives the ring beauty, dimension and design. The shank is smooth and plain, which allows for a comfortable fit.  The ring has the most perfect aged silver patina, adding character to the piece.  The wonderful antique ring, extremely collectible and in very fine condition.

Note: Antiquities are luxury items, can be worn with care.   This is a very fine example of a well preserved ring.  It is recommended by the museums not to polish the patina off of a ring, which will preserve the integrity and value of the piece.  To clean use water on a damp cloth and pat dry with soft cloth. 

History: The Viking Age (793–1066 AD) was the period during the Middle Ages when Norsemen known as Vikings undertook large-scale raiding, colonizing, conquest and trading throughout Europe, and reached North America. ... They also briefly settled in Newfoundland, becoming the first Europeans to reach North America. This particular example is post Viking era, however it should still be treated with care since the piece is an antique. 

Note: Museums are recommending that artifacts should not be polished, which will keep the integrity of the piece. To clean use a soft damp cloth (water only and no chemicals) gently wipe.  Then pat dry with a soft dry cloth.   


Measurements: Face of the ring 23.50 mm x 6.00 mm 

Weight: 6.00 grams 

Ring Size: 8 3/4

Condition: Excellent  Note: This is a very fine example.  Antiquities are considered luxury items, can be worn with care. 

Origin: Northern Europe     From a private collection 

Date: 18th - 19th Century

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