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Ceylon Blue Extraordinaire - Vintage Platinum Sapphire & Diamond Ring. This magnificent ring is crafted from platinum, hallmarked Pt 900 for platinum.  Featuring a natural oval fancy cut (no heat treated) sapphire, 4 natural tapered baguettes, 18 natural round brilliant cut diamonds, Art Deco Revival styling and quality custom workmanship. The expertly claw-set sapphire takes centre stage in this ring, displaying a beautiful Ceylon cornflower blue colour, with a violet hue.  The sapphire is enhanced by bright, white sparkling diamonds. The gallery on this ring is exquisite and finely crafted. There are two levels to this ring, the first is set with the incredible sapphire and the second houses the diamonds which enhance the sapphire beautifully. The setting of the sapphire starts with a protective platinum bezel and claws, this allows the true beauty of the sapphire to show.  The shoulders  display a lovely split detail, leading down to a substantial smooth and polished shank.  This Vintage Art Deco Revival piece would make a very unique engagement, anniversary ring, or wonderful addition to any fine jewelry collection.

Note: Appraisal included with this ring.  Gem Identification Report included from Japan.  It is not that often that pieces come with such an elaborate report. The report alone is valued at $500. 

The majority of natural gemstones on the market have some form of treatment. This precious sapphire is completely natural ( No heat treatment) a rare find. 

Translation of Gem Identification Report: 

Conclusion: Natural ( No Treatment) Sapphire 

Appearance: Blue/ Violet 

Style of Cut: Oval Mixed Cut 

Size: 10. 70 - 6.  90 x 5.   90mm 

Weight: Sapphire 4.06  carat    Diamond .41 carat 

Refraction: Multipe     Note: To measure refraction we rely on the amount of bending (refraction) of light that occurs when it enters a gem. As a consequence of the change in the speed of light, light rays striking a gems surfaces at any angle other than perpendicular to the surface are bent went entering a gem. 

Pleochroism: Yes, confirmed    Note: Pleochroism is an optical phenomenon in which a substance has different colours when observed at different angles, especially with polarized light. 

Specific Gravity: Can not scale because gem is set in the mount. 

Fluorescence:  No 

Magnification: Natural Crystal inclusions. 

Comments: Natural Diamonds   Metal 900 Platinum 

Conclusion: Infrared Spectroscopy (test) Extended inspection (No heat) 

Scale Diagram : ( No Heat Treatment) Natural   Photo: Proof of No heat confirmation 

Tests:   1. Extended Inspection: Yes     2. Inflection Rate: Yes    3. Fluorescence: Yes    4. Polarization: Yes    5. Spectroscopic  IC : Yes   6. Polychromatic : Yes    7. Infrared Spectroscopy: Yes    8. Proportion : No  (Most likely due to the client not wanting to remove the sapphire from the setting)  

Note: Sapphire most likely from Ceylon ( Sri Lanka)  


Measurements: Face of Ring 14mm x 14mm

Stone Size: Sapphire 4.06 carat    Diamonds .41 carat

Weight: 7.00 grams

Ring Size: 8

Condition: Excellent

Origin: Europe    Provenance: Saudi Arabia, Medina     Gem Report: Japan 

Date: Circa 1960

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